Sunday, 1 February 2015

Tim Parton & Cadet Sisters Christmas Hymns, Songs And Carols Special (3ABN)

Christian Music: Tim Parton & Cadet Sisters Christmas Holiday Special Transcript

Danny Shelton: Hello, and welcome to 3ABN today. We have a special program for you today. We have a program that is lined with music. And talking about music, we got some great music for you today.  And first of all, we're gonna-- in just a few moments we're gonna be introducing you to Brother Tim Parton. Tim is an absolutely incredible musician. We give God the glory for that. And I know Tim gives God the glory for that.

But he plays and sings with such an anointing and what a privilege it's been to work with Tim over the last number of years on many, many projects including Pillars Hymns. And our 3ABN Christmas CD that we did this past year and numerous of my own personal projects that I've done. He's worked with Melody and I guess everybody, John, Evan, and you name it, C.A. And he's been working with so many of us and so Tim is a great arranger, piano player, and most of all, he's a great friend and he's a great Christian that's loves Jesus with all of his heart, soul, and mind.  Then after he's through we're gonna just-- we told him take your time and do a number of songs for us and then after Tim is through, then we're gonna have the Cadet Sisters gonna come and sing us several songs also. So you're gonna be doubly blessed today. Tim is gonna be doing "Deck The Halls"  I think "Joy to the World,"  "It came upon a midnight clear."  "Christ the King." "Peace on Earth."  "We three Kings" and then he's doing one especially that I really love and enjoy and kind of like  a special request things is "God's being Good." And he did this at camp meetings so you can say, well, it's a Christmas song or not but you know, it is. Anytime we uplift the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. So I'm so thankful that he's gonna do this. And, Tim, it's a privilege to have you here today. And we're just gonna turn it over to you now and take your time and I know the folks at home will be blessed. 

Tim Parton: Merry Christmas. It's that time of year. It's the time of gift giving and we are reminded that God gave the perfect gift when He gave His Son. Jesus Christ was given to us and if we would believe in Him we would not perish but have everlasting life. Now I love giving gifts and I love getting gifts. And a couple of years ago I received a gift that was a very special gift,  in fact every time I hear it, I smile, and that's the best kind of gift that you give that all year long He keeps on giving. It's actually a little music box. And the thing that makes me smile is, it plays "Joy to the world." But whoever made it, there was a little glitch that was in the little spindle that plays the music. And for those musicians that they-- what should be an E is an E flat. So it's sound like this. It kind of makes you wince when it goes by. It's less than perfect, isn't it? It's out of tune is what it is. And it reminds me that God gave us His Son, us in an imperfect world. He knew we needed a Savior.

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