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In the Sweet By and By Hymn Lyrics and History

In The Sweet By and By Hymn Story In the Sweet By and By or The Sweet By and By is a collaboration between two friends Sanford Fillmore Bennett (1836-1898) and Joseph P Webster. Stanford Fillmore Bennett provided the words while his friend Joseph P Webster provided the music. This song was the result of an incident in their lives as friends. The account is described in Sanford Fillmore Bennett’s autobiography. Bennett says that his friend Joseph P Webster was a sensitive soul like most very talented musicians, unfortunately. He suffered from bouts of depression now and then. This caused him to focus on the darker side of life and was, therefore, a troubled soul during those bouts of depression. Bennett said he had studied these peculiarities in his friend's life and was quick to notice his mood changes. And as good friends should and do he offered a helping hand. In his case, Bennett found that giving Webster a song to work on lifted his spirits. Stanford Fillmor

Wayfaring Stranger Hymn Lyrics and History

Origin of Wayfaring Stranger This song has been around for over 200 hundred years blessing millions of Americans in both the secular and the religious world. It is difficult if not impossible to pinpoint the exact origin of this North American folk song. We have some historians saying that they can trace this song to the 1780s while others trace to the early 1800s. Who Wrote Wayfaring Stranger The jury is still out when it comes to the composer of the Wayfaring Stranger. Some people think that it is a reworked Negro spiritual. Some think that it could have come the Portuguese colonialists. Others think that it could be a reworked native song. The fact is this song has now become one of the most loved gospel folk songs in America. Many Versions of Wayfaring Stranger and Use by Secular Musicians As with many folk songs, there are so many versions of this hymn floating around in America. It has been adopted by musicians of all sorts of backgrou

The Old Account Was Settled Long Ago Lyrics and Story

The author of this sweet hymn, The Old Account Was Settled Long Ago is Frank M Graham.  He hailed from Birmingham, Illinois and was born on March 1, 1859, and died on August 25, 1931, in Greensboro, Georgia. He was a minister in the Methodist Church . His many achievements included being one of the founders of the  Southern Wesleyan University in South Carolina This hymn has an important message for all Christians. It presents to us what happens when a sinner accepts Christ as his personal savior. All our sins are transferred to the account of Jesus when we repent and accept Christ as our personal account. He paid the debt on the cross and all we need to do is accept this offer of a pardon. “He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him” (II Cor. 5:21). Frank M Graham Below are the lyrics of The Old Account Was Settled Long Ago . 1. There was a time on earth, when in the book of Heav’n An old ac

I Will Sing of My Redeemer Hymn Lyrics And Story

I Will Sing of My Redeemer  is one of those hymns that are simple but yet beautiful. It is a song that I have come to love since I first learned in a choir a long time ago. The words of this song came from the pen of Philip P. Bliss in 1876 and music was composed by James McGranahan in 1877. This song will have been lost forever during a train accident which caused Philip P Bliss death. He had survived the initial crash but met his death when he tried to rescue his wife. The words of this song were found in his belongs later on. Another interesting incident related to this song is that it is one of the first-ever songs to be recorded. Philip P Bliss During the demonstration of a phonograph, a Thomas Edison invention, in New York George Stebbins made a recording of this song. George Stebbins was one of the most famous musicians and evangelists of his time. Below are the lyrics of this sweet hymn, I Will Sing of My Redeemer. I will sing of my Redeem

Hallelujah We Shall Rise Hymn Lyrics and Story

Hallelujah! We Shall Rise is another hymn that I want to share with you. It is a song filled with a message of hope about the future. It really resonates with all of us concerned with the state of affairs in the world today. A world full of violence and misery. The author of today's hymn is John Edmond Thomas. He was born on December 6, 1860, and died on April 30, 1946. His father died when he was only 14 and being the oldest son he was forced to work to support his family. John E Thomas Despite this, he managed to attend a vocal school at the age of 17 and was tutored by Professor T A Bridge and later un­der Ho­ra­tio Palm­er and George A. Good­rich. Later in life, he with Franklin Eiland and John Greer found the Trio Music company in 1890. He thus spent his life as a music compiler and publisher. Among the songs he composed include, Glorious Gospel Train, I Am So Glad Salvation's Free and I am a Child of the King. Below are the lyrics of this hymn, Halle

Just A Little Talk With Jesus Hymn Lyrics and Story

Just A Little Talk With Jesus Story Reverend Cleavant Derricks is the composer of the words and music of this beautiful gospel hymn, Just A Little Talk With Jesus, that continues to bless millions around the world. Reverend  Derricks was born on May 13, 1909, and died on April 14, 1977. He pastored a number of black Baptist Churches in the United States of America. He composed over 300 hymns including "When God Dipped His Love In My Heart,""We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles and Trials," and "When He Blessed My Soul."  His contributions to gospel music was recognized in 1984 when he was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Have a Little Talk With Jesus Hymn Lyrics Reverend Cleavant Derricks Below are the lyrics of this beautiful hymn, Just A Little Talk With Jesus. I once was lost in sin, but Jesus took me in And let a little light from heaven fills my soul. He bathed my heart in love, and He wrote my name abov

Joy Unspeakable Hymn

Barney E. Warren is the author of this beautiful hymn, Joy Unspeakable. He composed the words and music in 1900. Barney E. Warren (1867-1951) Below are the lyrics of this hymn, Joy Unspeakable . I have found His grace is all complete, He supplieth ev’ry need; While I sit and learn at Jesus’ feet, I am free, yes, free indeed. Refrain It is joy unspeakable and full of glory, Full of glory, full of glory, It is joy unspeakable and full of glory, Oh, the half has never yet been told. I have found the pleasure I once craved, It is joy and peace within; What a wondrous blessing! I am saved From the awful gulf of sin. Refrain I have found that hope so bright and clear, Living in the realm of grace; Oh, the Savior’s presence is so near, I can see His smiling face. Refrain I have found the joy no tongue can tell, How its waves of glory roll! It is like a great o’erflowing well, Springing up within my soul. Refrain

Nothing But The Blood of Jesus Hymn Story and Lyrics

Who Wrote Nothing but The Blood of Jesus Hymn This sweet hymn is the fruit of the labor of Robert Lowry. He published this hymn in 1876.  The original first line was, What can wash away my stain. Robert Lowry Robert Lowry was an American professor of literature, a Baptist minister and composer of many gospel hymns such as Shall We Gather At The River . He was born on March 12, 1826, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and died on November 25, 1899, at Plainfield, New Jersey, United States This song was popularised by the famous Christian musician and author, Ira D Sankey. He introduced it at a camp meeting in Ocean Grove, New Jersey and was immediately loved by the audience. From there it just took off and became one of the most loved hymns in most churches to this day. Nothing But the Blood of Jesus Hymn Lyrics Below are the lyrics of this beautiful hymn, Nothing But The Blood of Jesus . What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Je