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O Worship The Lord In the Beauty of His Holiness Hymn and Story

O Worship The Lord In the Beauty of His Holiness History

O Worship the Lord in The Beauty of Holiness is a composition by John Samuel Bewley Monsell

Monsell was born in 1811 in St. Columb's, Londonderry. He was an Irish clergyman and poet. He trained for the ministry at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

He experienced some personal tragedies in his life. He lost his eldest son Thomas in 1855. Thomas was only 18 and died on the way to the famous Crimean War. His eldest daughter Elizabeth died at the age of 28 in Torquay.

Monsell passed away in 1875 from an infected wound caused by a fall from a boulder while inspecting the rebuilding of St Nicholas' Church, Guilford, Ireland.

This hymn was first published in Monsell's Hymns of Love and Praise for the Church. 

It is based on Psalm 96 which states in verse 8, O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness; fear before him, all earth.

This song is a call for all of us to worship the Lord in the beauty of his holiness. His holiness is expressed or seen in nature. When we see nature we see his signature and his handiwork. 

We bow before him because we know that we are descended from him. He is the one who created us. Worship is an acknowledgment of the fact that we are His creation.

All of us are called upon to proclaim his holiness and glory to all the world. Let the world know that we believe in him.

O Worship The Lord In The Beauty of Holiness Lyrics

O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness!
Bow down before him, his glory proclaim;
with gold of obedience, and incense of lowliness,
kneel and adore him: the Lord is his Name!

Low at his feet lay thy burden of carefulness,
high on his heart he will bear it for thee,
and comfort thy sorrows, and answer thy prayerfulness,
guiding thy steps as may best for thee be.

Fear not to enter his courts in the slenderness
of the poor wealth thou wouldst reckon as thine;
for truth in its beauty, and love in its tenderness,
these are the offerings to lay on his shrine.

These, though we bring them in trembling and fearfulness,
he will accept for the Name that is dear;
mornings of joy give for evenings of tearfulness,
trust for our trembling and hope for our fear.

O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness!
bow down before him, his glory proclaim;
with gold of obedience, and incense of lowliness,
kneel and adore him: the Lord is his Name!

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In the video below, Chester Cathedral congregation singing - O Worship The Lord In The Beauty of his Holiness.


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