Sunday, 21 June 2015

Jesus There's Something About That Name Song

Bill and Gloria Gaither are the authors and composers of this beautiful song, "Jesus, There's Something About That Name". They composed this song in 1970 when Bill was 34 years old and Gloria was 28 years old.

It was composed after loss of grandparents and onset of their own parenthood. We can only speculate as to what was going on in their minds at this difficult and challenging time.

Jesus is the name that billions of people in this world turn to when they face all sorts of challenges. Christians going through wars such as the war in the Middle East turn to this name for safety. Where else would they go when going through such crisises that they have no control over but to Master, Savior, Jesus.

When people are on their deathbeds they turn to this name. Jesus is the savior to them as they face their end.

Even those that have few problems can turn to him to praise Him for all the blessings that they are experiencing. There is indeed something about that name.

Kings and kingdoms shall pass away.
But there's something about that name.

Below is a video showing 3ABN campmeeting congregation singing, "Something About That Name" led by Dannyy Shelton.

Bill and Gloria Gaither


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