Saturday, 20 June 2015

Let Us Break Bread Together Lyrics and Story: Famous Negro Spirituals

'Let Us Break Bread Together' follows in the tradition of most negro spirituals in its simplicity in both words and tune. Negro spirituals were mostly composed by black American slaves with no western training in music. Some scholars believe that the slaves simply added words to African traditional folk tunes they had left behind in  Africa.

This hymn or spiritual has found use among young people as it is easy to accompany it with acoustic guitars and therefore lends itself to a freer form of worship. It has also gradually found acceptance among the older Christians as well. This is clearly shown by its inclusion in many hymn books and albums such as the late 1970s album The Old Rugged cross by long-standing and revered gospel singer George Beverly Shea.

This song is mainly used during communion services. It reminds us of our spiritual food and drink presented through the bread and wine during holy communion.

Let Us Break Bread Together On Our Knees negro spiritual


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